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Alligator Summer is masterfully orchestrated by
director Brandi Varnell who heads a cast that work flawlessly as an ensemble,
and designers who collaborate to bring this Gator Menagerie world to life.  It is a meticulously
mounted production of a smart script with a dynamic and talented cast.
Vacillating between dark comedy and drama, you’ll get a little laughter, a
little lyrical, and a lot of homage to the Southern melodrama.” 
Theatre Is Easy

“I… am used to brave wonderful theatre coming from small Equity Theatres but was completely blown away by both the show and the performers. One of the best shows I have seen in years.”

— New York Times reader review 
“What’s … clear early on is that Dylan Lamb can write. From the first lines, you’re struck by the very unique way his characters talk, and how distinctive each of them are. In this talent, I don’t think comparisons to the Coen Brothers and Christopher Durang are out of place. Taking the writing even further is director Brandi Varnell’s efficient staging, and a fine cast, each of whom approaches their unique characters with an emotional truthfulness that’s rare in plays like this.”
“Squeaky Bicycle Productions has been presenting a superb production of Dylan Lamb’s excellent new play Alligator Summer. It’s a rare amalgam of first rate work from all artists involved.”
“If you really like some content to chew on, this play (Alligator Summer) raises issues ripe for serious, long discussions afterward. The acting is terrific… the entire cast is excellent.”
— TheatreMania reader review

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Haven’t seen it yet? Tickets available at Smarttix.com or at the box office, located at 312 West 36 Street, Second Floor.

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