The Velodrome

A one-of-a-kind theatre artist training ground

Velodrome: n – A velodrome is an arena for track cycling. Bicycles for velodromes have no brakes, which means they are constantly moving forward at varying speeds.

The Velodrome Company is an artistic community in which every member is encouraged to continue moving forward in his/her art. Every person’s place in “the race” is honored: playwrights develop new material, directors provide feedback and explore their technique, and actors investigate old and new works alike, exploring their unique approach to their craft. We explore, we support, and we offer an environment in which all artists are able to fearlessly hone their craft and spur each other on to new artistic heights.

The Velodrome Company meets monthly on projects designed to hone our skills, and keep our instruments sharp. Every 3 months, we present a public event called All the Guts, and Some Glory, where the audience judges a collection of scenes based on originality, collaboration, entertainment value, and overall cojones to determine the Grand Champion.

Keep an eye on this page for more information about the next Guts & Glory!