Get your tickets for Joan Bigwood’s “Or Current Resident” NOW! ? ? ?

We hope you came out to enjoy our annual event: All Guts and Some Glory on Monday night. Shoutout to the amazing winning scene Performance Review and all the people who fought in the battle of the year and came out on top: Robert Zander Norman (playwright), Katey Russo (director), Jessica Mortellaro (actress), and Jeff Johnson (actor). We laughed, we cried, we drank a little (too much) wine, and now we are recovered and eager to announce you can now get your tickets for our upcoming show: Or Current Resident by Joan Bigwood!

Our victorious team from Performance Review left to right: Robert Zander Norman, Jessica Mortellaro, Katey Russo, and Jeff Johnson.

This show is a must see this year, so it’s a good thing we have an extended run of four weeks at the Theater for the New City in February! Or Current Resident explores the very nature of truth in our modern, tech-driven world.

Or Current Resident by Joan Bigwood
The multi-generational Finches have weathered a rapidly-changing community in the heart of Silicon Valley crammed together in rambunctious harmony. Or Current Resident throws the covers off an eccentric little universe that has survived on fortitude and self-deception; a universe that now lies shivering in the cold glare of unexpected, untenable revelations. Find out more about the amazing team we have bringing this production to life, and purchase your tickets via the link below!


Mark your calendars for opening night on February 3rd and be sure to reserve your tickets ahead of time!
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