Happy Holidays! Get ready to kickoff Operation Handlebars for the Holidays!

We hope your holiday was magical this year, and that it only continues to get better this season! With candy canes, festive lights, snowy days, and sweet smelling candles, we know your holiday spirit must be bright. We need your help making our season even brighter! It’s the season for giving, and we are asking for your generosity as we kick off our flash fundraiser: Operation Handlebars for the Holidays! With all the giving you’ve been doing this year, anything you can share to help us get some new handlebars for our Squeaky Bike is greatly appreciated!
Our new fundraising goal is to raise $5,000 in 6 days. We like to dream big, and we hope you are dreaming right along with us. You helped us reach our last flash fundraising goal, and we were able to get Squeaky some fresh new wheels. Now we’re looking to step up our steering game with some new handlebars as we prepare for our world premiere production of Or Current Resident by Joan Bigwood (Feb. 3-25). These new handlebars will help to point us towards our goal of producing a fantastic upcoming show. Read about where we are heading here! All donations prior to January 1st are tax deductible for 2017, so it’s like we are giving you a little something in return (think your Great Aunt’s tube socks you get every year for Christmas). Any donations made during the new year just show that you are eager to start your year out the right way! This flash fundraiser startstoday, so visit below to give whatever you can, and be a part of another incredible Squeaky Bicycle Productions season!

Thanks in advance for your support!