Eternal glory is at stake (also a bar tab)

In just one week, you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness history being made on the stage. The Velodrome Company’s “All Guts and Some Glory” is a unique scene competition where five local playwrights will gather in one place to compete for eternal glory (and a bar tab). This pay-what-you-will event is happening Monday, May 15th at 7pm at the Theater for the New City. Not only do we want you to witness this event, we NEED you to be the judge! The power to choose is in your hands. This event is one you simply can’t miss!


To further entice you, we would like to introduce you to your playwrights and their short plays.

First, back from his ever popular recent production of Dead Man’s Dinner, W.M. Akers will bring us Christmas in a Volcano. This unique play takes place in the heart of a dormant volcano, where a mad mechanic threatens to destroy a town in order to make a friend.

Second, we have returning playwright Emily Daly. Daly’s play, Spectacular, will explore what happens when the world’s First Lady Cannonballer goes rogue. Daly is ready for the competition with this explosive short play!

Third, we have Robert Zander Norman‘s Die in the Blast. This short play is about an apocalypse-loving young man who’s making some big decisions. Norman is also a returning playwright and, this time, he’s returning to win it all.

Fourth, we have Jeff Johnson in his Velodrome playwriting debut! Johnson will present his play, In the Red, which explores what pushing the limits can mean. Colin owes a lot of money, and he goes way out of his comfort zone. Try not to judge him too harshly, as he does what he must to escape literal and figurative debt.

Last, but not least, we have William Kozy‘s Riddle Me This. This is also Kozy’s Velodrome playwriting debut and he’s hoping to take home the gold (and the bar tab). His play centers around a young, loving couple touring Scotland, and the hilarity that ensues when they come upon an old, bridge-living troll.

Keep an eye on our Instagram Story (@SqueakyBicycle) and our Snapchat (@SqueakyBicycles) to see what the amazing people working on this show go through during rehearsal. Reserve your ticket here today to ensure you don’t miss out on this sure-to-be-amazing show!