Crowdfunding, hoorah!

“We have seen time and again what seemingly normal people 
are capable of, given the circumstances. But if the human mind has allowed the species to progress, it’s the heart that has helped it to endure. 
And that’s what Alligator Summer is about: 
the hope that can override the face of fear.

We have just four performances left  and twelve more days on our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. Producing theatre is an expensive venture, but in the long run, is absolutely worthwhile. Help us out by giving a dollar or ten or one hundred. Every bit helps, we swear! And don’t forget to share our campaign with your e-mail contacts, Facebook followers, Tweeps, etc. 

We are incredibly grateful for all the enthusiastic responses to Alligator Summer. Friends, family, classmates, colleagues, and complete strangers all agree Alligator Summer is the kind of show that sticks with you for a while. It is certainly a production which will stick with Squeaky Bike for quite some time.

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