An Alligator Summer indeed!

Now, we’re inclined to get the giggles at wildly inappropriate times, same as anyone else, so it comes as no surprise that this news from Williamsburg has us in stitches. 

A few days ago, New York Magazine ran an article about alligator limbs found in Brooklyn: “Real, Gross Alligator Limbs Found Scattered Around Williamsburg”

I mean, could the timing be any better? We thought not.

And then today, Gothamist took it one step further: “Is Someone Buying Alligator Arms and Scattering Them Around Williamsburg?”

“Given the locations of the limbs (peeking out from under a rock, reaching from inside a grate, etc.) we’re inclined to think this is part of an elaborate joke, and not the work of some vigilante alligator hunter keeping an alligator invasion at bay.”

First, we’d like to state for the record that we have nothing to do with this.

But we will use it to our advantage.

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