Saturday, September 27, 2014

Squeaky Bicycle's Fall 2014 Reading Lab




The Boat House
by Eva Adderley

Sammy, Calvin, and Tom take refuge from their lives within the crumbling walls of an abandoned boat house. As Sammy learns the truth behind Calvin's home life, her efforts to save her first love leave the trio scrambling for high ground. 

Rachel Drayke
Nicholas Yenson*
Brandon Kalm
Dan Teachout*
Kelly Kay Griffith*
Jeff Johnson

Directed by
Kathryn McConnell
*Appearing courtesy Actors' Equity Association

Sunday, October 8, 2014 at 8:00pm
IRT Theatre
154 Christopher Street 

Talkback with Playwright Eva Adderley to follow.

...But wait, there's more!

TEN WAYS ON A GUNby Dylan Lamb 
Tommy is in love, but out of control. Jessica can't get out of her own way. Becca is broke, Philly is a tool, Teddy has hit a dead end, and Rich Dick is somebody's Dad.No one wants to own a gun in this day and age in a liberal metropolitan area, but most wouldn’t mind having it a couple days out of the year.

Nathaniel KentDaniel JohnsenAlex Trow*Alex Fast*Tessa Faye*Blake Blake Lowell*Jeff JohnsonKeilly McQuail*Madeline Ruskin*Andrew Farmer
Directed by
Brandi Varnell

*Appearing courtesy Actors' Equity Association

Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 8:00pmIRT Theatre154 Christopher Street

Talkback with Playwright Dylan Lamb to follow.

Donations Gladly Accepted

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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Stellar Romp Through The Galaxy

Did you miss Tales of Love & Lasers? Did you see it and love it? Either way, you're in luck.

Take a look at some of the highlights of our journey through space - and through the mind of playwright W.M. Akers.

Photos by Joshua Sterns

R for Roxy
Wayne & Errol Talk Baseball
Pictured: Nathan Brisby*, Kevin Russo
Wayne Evaluates the New Passenger
Pictured: Kevin Russo, Nathan Brisby*

A Suspicious Stranger Arrives on the Lemur
Pictured: Kate Garfield*, Nathan Brisby*, Kevin Russo

Errol Is Not Amused
Pictured: Kate Garfield*, Nathan Brisby*
Wayne Changes His Mind About Roxy
Pictured: Kevin Russo, Kate Garfield*

 Hyperion Calling

Durocher Contemplates Life Without The Lieutenant...
Pictured: Monica Jones
...And Basinsky Contemplates Life Without Durocher
Pictured: Jeff Johnson

Stella Starlight: Queen of Space

The Ship Takes a Hit!
Pictured: Nathan Brisby*, Kate Garfield*
Stella and Buddy Question the Swampfish
Pictured: Kate Garfield*, Kevin Russo, Nathan Brisby*
Stella Tries a Water Incantation
Pictured: Kate Garfield*
The Wizard Cowers At the Mention of Brain Flambé
Pictured: Nathan Brisby*, Kevin Russo

Stella and Buddy Fight! ...Sort Of
Pictured: Kate Garfield*, Nathan Brisby*
The Regent Meets His Demise
Pictured: Kevin Russo, Kate Garfield*

Thursday, April 17, 2014

An epic epic of epicness:

Mary Roach wrote about it in her bestseller Packing for Mars. Chris Hadfield posts about it on YouTube. Sandra Bullock was even nominated for an Oscar for it. Space, kids is a dangerous place. Especially when you're in love.

Introducing our new production, Tales of Love & Lasers! W.M. Akers has crafted a exploration of the, we'll say 'unique,' hiccups that come along with interstellar pitter-patters -- whether you're fighting a lonely heart aboard a stranded colony ship, or dueling bad guys with your bestie. Tales of Love & Lasers features some of the most badass space chicks you'll find this side of the Milky Way and reminds us that in space, no one can hear you say 'I love you.'

More info on where to find tickets is coming, but in the meantime, help us on our quest to 10,000! We have HUGE (working on an appropriate space pun for this...) plans for Squeaky Bike and need your help to make it happen. Donations through Fractured Atlas are tax-deductible and help us do things like pay our designers, rent air-conditioned spaces for summer shows, develop plays with emerging playwrights, and so much more!

Q: What would you hear if you tossed a marshmallow treat out a spaceship's airlock?
A: Not a peep.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Reading Lab is Back!

Spend a day with Squeaky Bike! Join us Sunday, December 8th at 3PM & 8PM for the Winter Reading Lab (and wine party).

As audience members, you not only get the chance to hear readings of promising new scripts, but you will also be able to help in the development process by participating in a short talkback (led by Squeaky Bike resident dramaturg Kathryn McConnell) and wine party. With your help, we’ll be able to get these shows ready for fully-staged productions. 

** Our 3 PM lab features a duet of short plays by some familiar scribes: 
Stella Starlight: Queen of Space 
by W.M. Akers 
An interstellar adventure fantasy featuring the precocious Stella and the loyal bodyguard who has dedicated his life to protecting her. Imaginary reviewers are already calling it “the most anticipated play in galactic history." 

Directed by Kathryn McConnell 

Robyn Michele Frank 
Sergio LoDolce 
Nathan Brisby*  

Private School 
by Dylan Lamb 
Life isn't fair. In a world plagued by corruption, discrimination, and overzealous media outlets, six high school students try to make it through senior year with their integrity and/or popularity intact. 

Directed by Kelly Kay Griffith 
Erin E. McGuff 
Amy Stockhaus 
Keilly McQuail 
Kevin Russo 
Sergio LoDolce 
Joel Hughes 

** At 8 PM, we present:
Ground Glass 
by Jonathan Kravetz 
John is obsessed with the playground where his young daughter was murdered. Abby, desperate to save her husband from oblivion, plans to confront the man responsible. As the couple faces the consequences of their actions, they begin to see that morality is not so easily pinned down.

Directed by Kathryn McConnell
Bart Shatto*
Aleisha Force*
Sean Hudock*
Nathan Brisby* 

* appearing courtesy Actors' Equity Association 

Both labs take place at: 
The Theater at Joria Productions 
260 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor 
between 7th and 8th Avenues. 

$10 suggested donation for this event. All donations will help future Squeaky Bike productions. * And may help your heart grow three sizes this holiday season. *

Reserve your spots below:

Monday, July 15, 2013

Post-Show Wrap-Up

There are not nearly enough words to properly express our gratitude. We'll let Ms. Addams do our talking.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT on IndieGoGo Campaign; Alligator Summer Closes a Huge Success!

"Alligator Summer dares to dive into the jaws of the beast, and it's definitely worth it." - Maya Phillips, Amsterdam News

Over the course of three weeks and sixteen performances, Alligator Summer entertained nearly 500 theatre fans, hailing from all over the country. Thanks to so many of you for coming out and being a fabulous audience!

This show is the biggest project we've ever undertaken and we're so pleased with the response.

As an up and coming theater company, we rely on the generosity of our supporters—newcomers and old hats—to raise the funds necessary to produce such successful productions. With only 5 days left in our IndieGoGo Campaign we're so close to reaching our goal. Can you show your support for Alligator Summer and help us continue to make great theatre? Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

Every dollar means the world to us! If you weren't able to make it to the show this time around, you might consider donating the cost of a ticket ($15). You'll get an Alligator Summer memento, and our everlasting thanks.

We are forever grateful for your help and cannot wait to entertain you in the years to come!

With love,
Brandi, Kathryn, & Bethany

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crowdfunding, hoorah!

"We have seen time and again what seemingly normal people 
are capable of, given the circumstances. But if the human mind has allowed the species to progress, it's the heart that has helped it to endure. 
And that's what Alligator Summer is about: 
the hope that can override the face of fear."

We have just four performances left  and twelve more days on our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. Producing theatre is an expensive venture, but in the long run, is absolutely worthwhile. Help us out by giving a dollar or ten or one hundred. Every bit helps, we swear! And don't forget to share our campaign with your e-mail contacts, Facebook followers, Tweeps, etc. 

We are incredibly grateful for all the enthusiastic responses to Alligator Summer. Friends, family, classmates, colleagues, and complete strangers all agree Alligator Summer is the kind of show that sticks with you for a while. It is certainly a production which will stick with Squeaky Bike for quite some time.